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Scope repair Caribbean

With pride Logitecq Medical Services can inform you that we have started Scope maintenance and repair services for the Caribbean for both flexible and rigid scopes. Like our other maintenance services, we operate regardless any make or type. The scope maintenance is performed by our highly skilled technicians on site. For repairs and replacement of […]

Asset management

As Logitecq Medical Services I would like to introduce our maintenance management system INFOR EAM Healthcare.Together with the software supplier, Logitecq Medical has developed a system optimal for asset management of a biomedical technology department. The software has captured every step in the day tot day workflow of a biomedical technology department in a single […]

Electrical safety of medical electrical devices

  It can be assumed that not all people will understand the dangers associated with the exposure to electricity. It is this danger that has triggered several discussions relating to the safety of all members of the public. Regulatory bodies world-wide have acknowledged the dangers of electricity by producing legislation, standards and guidelines to control the design and […]

Promotional offer for Rigel introduction

As Logitecq Medical, we are very enthusiastic about the distributorship of Rigel Medical for the Caribbean. We offer the entire Rigel Medical product line of electrical safety testers and medical simulation equipment. This very reliable and advanced line of equipment enables biomedical engineers to verify the safety and accuracy of the medical equipment during maintenance […]

Collaboration with Meduprof-S

Logitecq Medical Services prides itself for collaborating some time already with the company Meduprof-S. within the Caribbean. MeduProf-S is a company operating worldwide that focuses on quality improvement in health care. The company provides assessments of staff and facilities, based on which it sets up and provides programs for (continuous) training. MeduProf-S supports processes of […]

Logitecq Medical introduces risk classification model

The risk classification model ensures considerable cost savings on equipment maintenance The quality of equipment maintenance often leaves room for improvement. Considerable savings can also be made on maintenance. How? Through risk-based maintenance, according to Marcel Hoge Bavel of Logitecq Medical. Risk-based maintenance is a new form of maintenance management. The philosophy is based on […]

Partnership with Meduprof-S

We are proud to inform you that, as of today, we have entered into collaboration with the company Meduprof-S. Meduprof-S is specialized in elaborating educational programmes aimed at the care sector. The collaboration between Meduprof-S and Logitecq Medical will consist of further development of the medical technique domain and providing of courses and trainings.

Logitecq Medical collaborates with Fundashon Mariadal for introduction of safety management system

The Fundashon Mariadal (Bonaire) is one of the most advanced hospitals in the Caribbean. The hospital has recently completed the successful implementation of a digital safety management system. [link] Logitecq Medical Services has participated in the realisation of this implementation by offering know-how and support within her medical technology speciality. Logitecq Medical services has helped […]

Job opening

Logitecq Medical Services is currently looking for a medical  instrumentation engineer. If you reside in the Caribbean and you have a technical background, please click here for more information.