Collaboration with Meduprof-S

Samenwerking met Meduprof-S

Logitecq Medical Services prides itself for collaborating some time already with the company Meduprof-S. within the Caribbean.
MeduProf-S is a company operating worldwide that focuses on quality improvement in health care. The company provides assessments of staff and facilities, based on which it sets up and provides programs for (continuous) training. MeduProf-S supports processes of change, for example in the preparation for certification of quality systems based on ISO 9001, JCI and EFQM.
The content of the programs covers the entire health care sector and, as of recently, care for the elderly as well. The strong point of MeduProf-S is setting up of programs and trainings and the organization and supervision of their implementation. The company provides training and education among others in the field of nursing and care, waste management, hygiene and food safety, ultrasound and x-ray as well as hospital management.
Many training and coaching programmes have been carried out in the field of medical technology. In addition to offering trainings, local trainers are also instructed and local training institutes are supported in the development of new curricula for medical technical education.
MeduProf-S has had nearly 20 years of experience with a sustainable way of learning and change in the health care sector. The ‘S’ therefore stands for ‘Sustainable’. The company has proven itself in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Assessments and trainings were carried out in China and Central America as well. At the time, MeduProf-S was derived from Fontys Colleges and is now a fully independent company. The network in the higher and secondary vocational education has expanded considerably since then.

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