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Bo mester un tékniko di
instrumento temporalmente?

Tuma kontakto lihé ku nos


Bo ta buskando un servisio di mantenshon di
un nivel superior pa tur bo aparatonan médiko?

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Bo ta buskando validashon pa
bo aparatonan médiko?

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Bo ta buskando aparatonan pa tèst médiko?

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Bo ta buskando entrenamentu
pa bo personal tékniko?

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Logitecq Medical Services ta ofresé servisio kualifiká i sertifiká di mantenshon i tambe maneho di mantenshon.

Through less concern about medical technology more attention to the patient

FM Front

For some years now, Logitecq Medical has been collaborating with Fundashon Mariadal, the biggest service provider in health care on Bonaire. Logitecq Medical takes care of the management and maintenance of medical equipment trhough risk-based maintenance. Below you can read the first part of the interview with Felix Greving, head Quality & Safety Bureau (Bureau Kwaliteit & Veiligheid) of Fundashon Mariadal.

‘Fundashon Mariadal has a totally different dynamic in which health care has been organized than we in the Netherlands are used to,’ Felix Greving explains. ‘Bonaire is a relatively small island. Fundashon Mariadal houses not only a hospital but also home care services, a nursing home and emergency care can be found there in a single location. We collaborate with the VU and the AMC in the Netherlands based on exchange with approx. 30 medical specialists, divided over 18 specialisms. Bureau Kwaliteit & Veiligheid, in short BKV, is subdivided into serveral groups.’ Greving works on real estate management, medical technology and quality systems. ‘Based on available background information and literature in the Netherlands, BKV tries to implement this in the local situation on Bonaire. Risk-based maintenance, which we started in 2010, is part of this. At the time, we had a baseline measurement performed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellfare and Sports (VWS). This provided us insight into the situation regarding management and maintenance of medical equipment, but also concerning the plans for the future. For example, what about the growing complexity of care and the accompanying medical equipment? Subsequently, we started looking for a partner who could pursue this together with us.’ Logitecq Medical became this partner. Together, a policy was drawn up and choices were made regarding equipment management and maintenance, allowing Fundashon Mariadal to worry less about medical technology and focus all attention to patient care. Greving: ‘Following this policy and the choices, we have then investigated what we need to set up in order to facilitate  Logitecq Medical as an organisation. The fact is that Logitecq Medical works under our company’s name and has been fully integrated into our organisation model. Currently two employees from Logitecq Medical work in our organisation, one of whom focuses on dialyses-equipment and the other also works on the other techniques. This means that they they fully participate in department meetings, and they are also members of the medical equipment and materials committee. They have the expertise to be able to provide expert advice to our divisions. Logitecq Medical therefore has the lead role as far as risik-based maintenance is concerned.’

Scope repair Caribbean


With pride Logitecq Medical Services can inform you that we have started Scope maintenance and repair services for the Caribbean for both flexible and rigid scopes. Like our other maintenance services, we operate regardless any make or type. The scope maintenance is performed by our highly skilled technicians on site.

For repairs and replacement of parts, we work with our partner in the Netherlands with over 20 years of experience with the repair of flexible scopes and optics. With this new service Logitecq Medical offers high-quality scope repairs in the Caribbean with fast turnaround times and yet competitive rates. Please click here for more information.

Asset management

infor EAM

As Logitecq Medical Services I would like to introduce our maintenance management system INFOR EAM Healthcare.Together with the software supplier, Logitecq Medical has developed a system optimal for asset management of a biomedical technology department. The software has captured every step in the day tot day workflow of a biomedical technology department in a single system. The system has pre configured  management reports and provides the ability to add unlimited reports by users it selves.

The system is also very capable to manage facility management departments in hospitals.  The Infor system is delivered as a SAAS solution (software as a service) where payment is done per users per year regardless of how many assets or support you need. Interested in a demo, click here for more information.

Partnership ku Meduprof-S

Orguyoso nos ta komuniká ku for di awe nos a lansa un partnership ku e kompania Meduprof-S. Meduprof-S ta spesialisá den kreashon di programanan di edukashon den ramo di kuido. E kolaborashon entre Meduprof-S en Logitecq Medical lo konsistí  di mas desaroyo di, entrenamentu i edukashon denter e dominio di téknika médiko.


Na e momento aki Logitecq Medical Services ta buskando un “medisch instrumentatie technicus”. Bo ta bibando den region di Caribe i bo tin un background tékniko klek aki pa mas informashon.

Un start fresku!

Ku orguyo Logitecq Medical Services ta yamabo wèlkòm riba nan wèpsait  totalmente renová kaminda bo por haña un  resúmen di nos servisionan. Nos ke invitá bo kordialmente pa bishita nos wèpsait regularmente pa asina bo por keda bon na altura di tur desaroyonan di nos kompania.

E aña benidero Logitecq lo hasi su presensia krese mas grandi den nos region, i nos ta spera di por sera konosi ku bo tambe pronto.

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