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Logitecq Medical Services ta ofresé servisio kualifiká i sertifiká di mantenshon i tambe maneho di mantenshon.

Electrical safety of medical electrical devices

Aplied-partIt can be assumed that not all people will understand the dangers associated with the exposure to electricity. It is this danger that has triggered several discussions relating to the safety of all members of the public. Regulatory bodies world-wide have acknowledged the dangers of electricity by producing legislation, standards and guidelines to control the design and test of electrical appliances in order to prevent any hazard to the general public. One environment where electric currents pose an acute threat is in the medical treatment and care of patients. Often, patients are physically connected to one or more electrical medical devices for a period of time. In these circumstances it is possible that patients are unaware of being exposed to electrical currents, especially if patients are treated under full or local anaesthetic. During invasive treatments, the human body’s natural protection organ, the skin, no longer provides the basic insulation against electrical currents.It is during these treatments that electrical currents as low as 50mA can float through the human body and cause the heart to fibrillate or paralyse the respiratory system. To govern the design of medical equipment, the International Electro technical Committee, the IEC has produced a standard to control all aspects of safety directly or indirectly relating to the handling, use or connection to, of medical equipment. This standard is referenced to as IEC 60601, or by many simply referred to as IEC 601. The IEC60601 was first published in 1977 (then referred to as IEC 601) and handles the electrical safety of both mechanical and electrical issues and is constructed from 2 parts;
Most Biomedical departments use the 60601 standard to test if medical equipment is safe during their preventive maintenance job and after any repair to a medical device.

A more and more accepted standard in the biomedical industry is the new IEC 62353. As its full name implies, IEC 62353 Medical Electrical Equipment – recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment, is proposed to define the requirements of ensuring the in- service electrical safety of electro medical equipment and systems. The IEC 62353 standard is an attempt to harmonize the various local standards and practices to ensure safe operation and testing of medical electrical equipment and ME systems. In meeting this requirement the IEC 62353 incorporates tests beyond those of type testing. Specifically it seeks to provide a uniform and unambiguous means of assessing the safety of medical equipment, whilst maintaining the relation to IEC 60601-1 and minimizing the risks to the person conducting the assessment. Importantly, the new standard recognizes that the laboratory conditions described in the IEC 60601-1 cannot always be guaranteed when in-service testing of medical devices is undertaken. As a result, test measurements that require certain environmental conditions may not always be applicable or consistent for the testing of equipment that is already in use. Another factor raised is that equipment could potentially be damaged by applying type test specifications when in service and could therefore represent a potential danger to users.

Please if you are interested in more information on medical electrical safety Logitecq Medical Services provides electrical safety analysers that both comply with the IEC 60601 and IEC 62353. Logitecq also provides training on the practical understanding and use of both regulations.

Rigel UNI Therm

Promotional offer for Rigel introduction

Rigel UNI ThermAs Logitecq Medical, we are very enthusiastic about the distributorship of Rigel Medical for the Caribbean. We offer the entire Rigel Medical product line of electrical safety testers and medical simulation equipment. This very reliable and advanced line of equipment enables biomedical engineers to verify the safety and accuracy of the medical equipment during maintenance work. It allows them to guarantee patient safety.
We would like to share our distributorship with you with an offer. If you buy one of the Rigel-products via Logitecq Medical Services before 31 December 2014, we will extend the warranty period by 2 additional years!

Samenwerking met Meduprof-S

Collaboration with Meduprof-S

Samenwerking met Meduprof-S

Logitecq Medical Services prides itself for collaborating some time already with the company Meduprof-S. within the Caribbean.
MeduProf-S is a company operating worldwide that focuses on quality improvement in health care. The company provides assessments of staff and facilities, based on which it sets up and provides programs for (continuous) training. MeduProf-S supports processes of change, for example in the preparation for certification of quality systems based on ISO 9001, JCI and EFQM.
The content of the programs covers the entire health care sector and, as of recently, care for the elderly as well. The strong point of MeduProf-S is setting up of programs and trainings and the organization and supervision of their implementation. The company provides training and education among others in the field of nursing and care, waste management, hygiene and food safety, ultrasound and x-ray as well as hospital management.
Many training and coaching programmes have been carried out in the field of medical technology. In addition to offering trainings, local trainers are also instructed and local training institutes are supported in the development of new curricula for medical technical education.
MeduProf-S has had nearly 20 years of experience with a sustainable way of learning and change in the health care sector. The ‘S’ therefore stands for ‘Sustainable’. The company has proven itself in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Assessments and trainings were carried out in China and Central America as well. At the time, MeduProf-S was derived from Fontys Colleges and is now a fully independent company. The network in the higher and secondary vocational education has expanded considerably since then.

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