About us

About_logitecq_medical_servicesAbout Logitecq Medical Services.

What we do …

The maintenance of medical equipment requires specialized and certified knowledge. only then quality can be guaranteed! With Logitecq Medical Services you can therefore count on qualified staff, well-documented reports, brand independence, advice and maintenance models and of course risk classifications. That means: no worries about your medical equipment and all your attention to your healthcare process.

Logitecq Medical Services provides:

  • maintenance of medical equipment in hospitals, (air) ambulances, ophthalmic clinics and other medical treatment centres, doctors’ surgeries, centres for physiotherapy
  • maintenance of renal dialysis equipment in hospitals and dialysis centres
  • validation to determine whether your medical equipment meets the specifications
  • technology management: advice and technical support for the entire life cycle of your medical equipment (from acquisition to disposal)
  • quick scan to identify how your organization is doing in terms of medical technology
  • secondment so you have qualified staff for a certain period of time
  • education and training of your own staff
  • sale of testing and measuring equipment and maintenance management systems

Who we are …

about logitecq medical servicesLogitecq Medical Services was established in 2011 and is located on the caribbean island Bonaire. We are active in the Caribbean but also in various countries far outside the region. We work with both local and Dutch certified staff. Logitecq Medical Services has a broad international scope.

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