Maintenance of medical equipment

Quality guaranteed

Maintenance_medical_equipment01 We are specialized in the maintenance and maintenance management of medical devices and medical instruments. We work with well-trained staff and we are most important of all brand-independent! After each service you will receive a comprehensive maintenance report. It contains the check list of your inventory, the findings of the instrument technician and the release of your device. This is the evidence that you meet the applicable regulations.

Logitecq Medical Services offers maintenance inspection of your medical equipment:
• periodic maintenance (including annual inspection, the replacement of parts associated with service interval, measurement and any calibration)
• corrective maintenance (including repair, troubleshooting, replacement of parts)

Good staff is the secret

Maintenance_medical_equipment03Qualified and certified instrument technicians carry out the maintenance. They have been trained as electrical or mechanical engineers, supplemented with the medical technology training and various annual mandatory, factory-specific trainings. Our Biomet’s are specialized and qualified in the main brands for most medical techniques in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, doctor and dental practices and treatment centres for physiotherapy.
If you are looking for maintenance for example of:
• the short box in a (air) ambulance
• infusion pumps
• defibrillators
• monitoring devices
• blood pressure meters
• OR-lamps
• ECG equipment
• sonography devices
• respirators (fans)
• scales
• ophthalmic equipment
• electro surgery devices
… .call in Logitecq Medical Services!

Is your medical device not listed? Please contact us, these are just a few of the devices that we maintain.

Good to know

Prior to the maintenance Logitecq Medical Services first performs an inventory. This inventory indicates the devices available in your organization. Based on this inventory, a risk-classification is carried out with which the frequency of maintenance, maintenance protocols and check lists are determined.

Dialysis equipment

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