Quick scan: medical technical analysis

Quick scan

quickscanWhat is your organization’s position in terms of medical technology? Do you have all the equipment you need? Are the devices well-maintained? What are the risks for your patients? Who can maintain or repair your equipment? You will probably not ask for daily. Nevertheless, these are important questions. We list the answers clearly for you. You can expect a well-founded advice on tactical, strategic and operational level. For this, we analyse your medical technology in your organization during the life cycle from acquisition to disposal. Advantage: you have an immediate benchmark.

What can you expect

For the medical technical inventory an inventory is made among others:
• whether the necessary devices are present and what else is desired
• of the state of maintenance
• whether there is a maintenance plan/maintenance protocol and if it is well-structured
• whether your staff is qualified to maintain the equipment
• of the risks (based on a model, a risk classification is made for which the device’s maintenance frequency is considered and the impact on the patient should anything be wrong with it)
• what maintenance management system is the most suitable
• how the disposal of written-off medical equipment may be best carried out

Good to know

medical_management2-e1391155129287Prior to periodic maintenance you may benefit a lot from the quick scan as well.


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